Mar 8

Make It Work: Employer Branding IV – Retain Them!

What are you doing to retain those who are the best fitting people in your various business contexts? Those who are most promising with their potentials aligning to your strategy? After having identified them, how do you deal with various target groups, age groups, potential segments, and career paths? How do you do that in [...]

Mar 1

Providing Meaning and Purpose

One of my all time favourite articles is ”How to Put Meaning Back into Leading”  by Joel M. Podolny, Rakesh Khurana and Marya Hill-Popper (Harvard Business School Working Knowledge, 2005). They emphasize that a leader’s ability to forge new meaning and purpose for an organization and its employees is a key criteria for leadership effectiveness. Unfortunately, [...]

Feb 22

Make It Work: Employer Branding III – Be Perceived as Top Employer!

Let´s presume you have executed surveys. You now know what you are currently offering and what you should offer as top employer in the perception of your existing workforce. Let´s presume you have an action plan in your hand whose execution will close up the gap that still might keep you away from internally being [...]

Feb 15

In search of corporate values

Have you ever wondered where all these nice corporate value statements come from, that brighten up most of our meeting rooms, hallways, lobbies, elevators and even rest-rooms? Have you reflected over if they actually represent who we are as an organization and forms a part of what makes us unique and competitive on the market?
In [...]

Feb 8

Unearthing Young Talent

Over the years, I have developed a passion for inspriring young talents while working with them and unearthing their leadership and management talent. In today’s blog, I will focus only on the management internship model that I had developed at my previous company, Merck Thailand, not on our regular employees.
I feel privileged having had the [...]

Jan 28

Make It Work: Employer Branding II – Implement It!

Just at the moment, the shareholders of the companies I worked for understood that implementing employer branding will affect their whole company, internally and externally, they sometimes lost courage because they where – I guess – afraid of an all pervading change management and high investment. In this blog (and upcoming occasions) I will show [...]

Jan 22

Raks Thai Foundation and Merck Thailand: Evolving CSR – Partnerships

Many of you may not have heard about “Raks Thai Foundation” and are much more familiar with CARE International in Thailand. The two names actually refer to the same organization. CARE International Thailand (or CARE Thailand) began operating in Thailand since 1979, initially responding to the influx of Cambodian refugees along the Thai-Cambodian border and [...]

Jan 15

Balancing Life

When I recently went to Germany for Christmas and New Year holidays, I read in the plane an interesting article about Dr. Marijn Dekkers, the incoming CEO of the German pharmaceutical and chemical giant Bayer. What caught my eye in the story about this high-flying executive in the January edition of the German “Manager Magazin” [...]

Jan 8

Social Entrepreneurship – Changing Paradigms

Why am I doing it almost every day, five days a week or even more?
What is motivating me to do what I do almost every day of my life?
What is the vision for myself when I am doing it almost every day, and on the basis of which values, for which purpose?
What do I expect [...]

Dec 29

Caring Person AND Caring Manager!

During my research as a PhD interested in the intersection of corporate responsibility (CR) and leadership, I also came amongst a research stream labeled “ethical leadership”. One of the most impressive papers of that stream that I red has been published by Linda K. Treviño and colleagues in California Management Review in 2000 titled “Moral [...]

Dec 23

The Message of Jesus from Nazareth – The Care Guys´ Season´s Greetings

Our world is changing:
Hierarchical structures become dysfunctional in many contexts: the evolution of the internet is the best example that these old sociological laws are very slowly breaking up. Open forums like The Care Guys had been unthinkable 20 years ago unless using a newspaper column and convincing an editor who admits it.
Individuals take more [...]

Dec 18

Generation V

When I was driving my car during a trip to Germany earlier on this year, I listened to an interview in the radio with Prof. Dr. Horst W. Opaschowski, one of Germany’s leading futurologists. He stated that in Germany, “Generation V” has arrived. Generation V, a term coined by Opaschowski, stands for the German words [...]