Martin Aldergard

Martin Aldergard

Martin has under the tag line - Engaging People in Change - been active with ENPEO in Asia since 2002. Designing and deploying internal change communication and management development for large national or multinational companies. Today ENPEO employes a team of 19 people and has it's home base in Bangkok.

Up Close & Personal with Martin Aldergard

Listen to your heart. It will tell you what is right.

Reading too many business books so I forgot what a real book is all about :-)
"Made to Stick" and "Creative Habits" are books that I usually keep on my night table.

You don't have to work with Electrical Engineering just because you happen to have a degree in Electrical Engineering. (my boss to be, during my job interview)

A lot of what happened during my early leadership experiences in the Swedish Army

I try to remind myself everyday, as a consultant, husband and father:
You don't need to produce answers to everything all the time.
Relax, sit back, listen...