Dec 20

Farewell Message

For more than three years, we have regularly published articles on our blog about caring leadership. It was a great experience for us. We have tremendously enjoyed the discussions, often face to face or via e-mail with some of our readers and friends.
However, now the time has come for us to move on. Heinz Landau [...]

Dec 8

I Have a Dream – A Sustainable Leadership Model in the Political Arena

It is December 08th, 2026.
The leaders of our world achieved a breakthrough in mastering the climate change.
The solid cooperation between the new economic powers in the east, South America, the United States and the “old world” has been celebrated for the 10th year.
Nations and different cultures learned how to cooperate for the survival of our [...]

Apr 11

Good Companies Create Triple Wins

When I read the March 2011 special issue on brands of “Absatzwirtschaft”,  Germany’s leading marketing journal, I was very happy when I came across an article by Achim Feige titled “Good Brands Create Triple Wins”. In that article, Feige states that it is no longer enough for a company to go only for profits. As [...]

Dec 20

Gaining Power, Wealth, and Prestige

Last week when I attended an HR conference in Frankfurt we had dinner in one of the in-places of town. Coincidentally one of Frankfurt´s private banking houses was celebrating Christmas there as well. Listening to speeches and talks, one assumes that power, wealth, and prestige are the most influential motivation drivers managers follow during their [...]

Aug 28

Leading With Honesty And Integrity

The ousting of Hewlett – Packard (= HP) Chairman and CEO Mark Hurd earlier on this month has been widely discussed in the business sections of newspapers and magazines all over the world. For those unfamiliar with the story, let me quickly recap the main points.
There was a claim of sexual harassment against Hurd by [...]

Dec 23

The Message of Jesus from Nazareth – The Care Guys´ Season´s Greetings

Our world is changing:
Hierarchical structures become dysfunctional in many contexts: the evolution of the internet is the best example that these old sociological laws are very slowly breaking up. Open forums like The Care Guys had been unthinkable 20 years ago unless using a newspaper column and convincing an editor who admits it.
Individuals take more [...]

Sep 9

Welcome To

Dear Friends,
Today, September 9,2009, we are launching our blog TheCareGuys. We, that is Heinz Landau and Stephan Polomski, will share with you some of our experiences on caring leadership. In order to get a more diverse view on this topic, we will invite from time to time guest bloggers from our personal network who will [...]