Nov 22

Goodbye, Facebook

Do you like lobster? Cooking one appears quite cruel: you put the lobster alive into boiling water, the head first. A friend of mine is a professional cook; he uses a nail and a hammer killing the lobster before cooking it. These are the animal friendly ways of handling the issue. However, there are people, [...]

Nov 8

How to Assure Major Support for Decisions

An experience I will never forget – together with my boss we agreed upon a strategic approach and we went into a meeting to achieve the approval of management team and the CEO. I presented the proposal and we started the decision taking process. The CEO had some reservations; I could dispel some of his [...]

Sep 27

Shared Leadership – A model for Successful Mastering of Future and Global Challenges

I enjoyed the last 500 days!
I have been member of the Leadership Vision Team of an organization that is offering to people, companies and organizations trainings and consulting how to navigate successfully and in a sustainable way in a world of increasing change requirements.
As a Co-Owner of the Genuine ContactTM program, [...]

Dec 8

I Have a Dream – A Sustainable Leadership Model in the Political Arena

It is December 08th, 2026.
The leaders of our world achieved a breakthrough in mastering the climate change.
The solid cooperation between the new economic powers in the east, South America, the United States and the “old world” has been celebrated for the 10th year.
Nations and different cultures learned how to cooperate for the survival of our [...]

Aug 2

We Will Win – Creating High Performance Teams

Leadership that gives teams the chance to define their own goals within defined givens, respects the people, gives them as much freedom as possible and supports participatory elements as Open-Space will create high performance teams.

Jul 5

BCG´s Adaptive Leadership

„How can leaders chart a course through a turbulent environment when they cannot predict the outcomes of their choices?“- Answer to this question find three protagonists of the Boston Consulting Group´s office in New York – Roselinde Torres, Martin Reeves and Claire Love – condensing it to the notion of Adaptive Leadership.
The model of Adaptive [...]

Jun 7

Leadership and Islam – Lessons I Learned in Morocco

In April and May I attended a seminar of process oriented psychology on personal vision quest in Marrakech when a bomb exploded in a restaurant on the main square Djemaa El Fna killing 20 people. I was only 200 meters away and heard the blast without truly admitting to myself what happened until I saw [...]

Apr 11

Good Companies Create Triple Wins

When I read the March 2011 special issue on brands of “Absatzwirtschaft”,  Germany’s leading marketing journal, I was very happy when I came across an article by Achim Feige titled “Good Brands Create Triple Wins”. In that article, Feige states that it is no longer enough for a company to go only for profits. As [...]

Jan 23

Green-Washing a Company´s Image and a Consumer´s Conscience

In need for a responsible appearance and easement when it comes to licensing bans and rules many companies invest into public relation campaigns in order to pimp up their image. That´s what PR experts nowadays call “green-washing”. Not a white but a green – the bio – vest often hides a harmful core business. A [...]

Dec 20

Gaining Power, Wealth, and Prestige

Last week when I attended an HR conference in Frankfurt we had dinner in one of the in-places of town. Coincidentally one of Frankfurt´s private banking houses was celebrating Christmas there as well. Listening to speeches and talks, one assumes that power, wealth, and prestige are the most influential motivation drivers managers follow during their [...]

Sep 25

Sustainability Is Top Of Mind Of Business Leaders

A huge majority of CEOs worldwide (93%) say that sustainability will be critical to their company’s future success. Despite the recent economic downturn, leaders are more comitted to sustainability than ever before. These are the headline findings of a study among nearly 1,000 CEOs, business leaders, members of civil society and academic experts making it [...]

Aug 5

The Consequences Of Poor Leadership for BP

The huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the biggest environmental disaster in U.S. history, lifted the veil off BP’s leadership face. It brought to light an ugly picture of irresponsibility, insincerity and non-caring leadership.
Over the years, the meaning of the abbreviation BP has changed. Originally standing for British Petroleum, the company came up [...]