Nov 22

Goodbye, Facebook

Stephan Polomski
Stephan Polomski is director human resources, coach and trainer

Do you like lobster? Cooking one appears quite cruel: you put the lobster alive into boiling water, the head first. A friend of mine is a professional cook; he uses a nail and a hammer killing the lobster before cooking it. These are the animal friendly ways of handling the issue. However, there are people, who put the lobster into a pot with cold water and then start to boil it. At first, the lobster will not try to get out, but then, when he realizes that the water hurts and kills him, it is too late. Of course, the cook has to hold tight the lid until the job is done.

It reads that Facebook has over one billion of users. Is it possible that all the more than 1000 million users are feeling safe like the lobster in the cold water pan?

The facts can be checked easily in all better newspapers:

  1. Even without wanting it, you get a Facebook email. Facebook wants to take over all communication devices of the user.
  2. Whether you want it or not: Facebook organizes your content along the structure “timeline”.
  3. Messages are tracked back automatically. Facebook knows no privacy of communication – by the way: a constitutional bid in Germany – and at the same time the internet platform appears so private. Furthermore, Facebook employees check chats and messages – in case the civil law is broken, however, the police is involved.
  4. Facebook requires your real name. In case your second identity is revealed your account is blocked and your identification is claimed.
  5. When terms of use are changed this is communicated badly by Facebook, users are not really informed, things happen secretly.
  6. Data privacy protection is not assured: personal private data becomes public without the user´s approval: e.g. face detecting and worse, the new app center. Furthermore, data is sent to the US.
  7. You cannot really delete your account. The data will be kept on Facebook´s servers.
  8. And so forth.

The potential for risks and misuse of the data files is enormous. Many procedures are, at least in Germany, against constitutional law.

“The potential for risks and misuse of the data files is enormous. Many procedures are, at least in Germany, against constitutional law.”

Certainly, self-responsibility is the personal approach here to clearly and consciously post or not post information about yourself. You may use Facebook like your own private public relation activities for which Facebook offers the platform. Companies, politicians, celebrities are doing that. Certainly too, most users do not understand the platform like this.

On top of all obscurities, hidden agendas, and information charades the interested public lately had the chance to participate how Facebook went public this year. Corporate governance? What is this? Manipulation? Of course not. – And in the end, we are talking about a business case, which is apparently not really sexy for investors as stocks are going down. But still, Facebook is a wolf in sheep´s clothing or, using the metaphor above, a cook preparing the lobster using the last method presented.

For me personally the most striking thing is that people know all this; people who privately and professionally claim human rights, democracy, transparency and who stand up for values like integrity and congruence. When it comes to Facebook they seem to throw over board their own values and principles.

Is Facebook caring? No, it is not.

So, what are all these people being a Facebook user waiting for? To be boiled a one hundred percent, becoming a margin dish for Mr. Zuckerberg?

No, thank you. I quit. Goodbye, Facebook.

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