Nov 16

Leading With The Heart

A few years ago, while waiting for a business visitor at The Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel in Bangkok, I saw a big Christmas tree in the hotel lobby. I noticed that a lot of tags were hanging in the tree. I went closer to see what was written on them. Every tag had a serial [...]

Nov 12

A View from Saint Tropez

Last month the annual sailing (not sales!) meeting took place in the bay of Staint Tropez on the French coast. In company of good friends I spent some time there just enjoying the beauty of impressions our five senses got there. Residing on a hill I took a relaxed glance of harbor and bay, bluish [...]

Oct 21

Make It Work: Employer Branding I

What are we talking about when talking about Employer Branding? When we start to talk about employer branding we find two major occasions why to talk about this seemingly unproductive topic. It is the when which leads us right to the definition. The main reasons why to yearn for employer branding are
1. Your people resign [...]

Oct 15

What Gets You Fired…

“What gets you fired… and what gets you promoted” is a concept which Prof. Paul A. L. Evans who is a professor of Organizational Behaviour, Organizational Development and Human Resources at INSEAD University, Fontainebleau, France, has developed. I have seen him using it in presentations in Chicago, Bangkok and Fontainebleau and it has impressed me [...]

Oct 6

Retaining the Talent of Our Future

Recession and world-wide crisis especially in the automotive sector turned HR-priorities in many mainly medium-sized companies upside down. Where there was still twelve months ago that fierce need for engineers, there is today the concern to engage and retain employees which had been recruited in a real war for talent.
Currently reflecting opportunities and threats for [...]

Sep 23

“Reaching the Top…

… is not the objective” – that was what Hanspeter Eisendle, our mountain guide, said, just when we reached Cassian´s Peak at 2581 meters height in the Sarentin Alps in South Tyrol last week.
After some hours marching through walls of fog and the sentiment of deception that the Dolomites and their spectacular summits on the [...]

Sep 7

“…and Find I´m King of the Hill…”

When Frank Sinatra sang these lines, he meant New York and his career path – to be a number one, top of the list – just the feeling of having it achieved to be at the summit and celebrate oneself happily and loudly. – When Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was experiencing the feeling of standing [...]

Sep 6

The Three Most Significant Lessons Learned

Recently, I read an article in a business magazine where a seasoned CEO was asked what his three most significant lessons learned over his career were. That made me think what I would have answered, if I were confronted with this question.
Those people who know me will not be surprised that I will cite three [...]

Aug 29

Knowing Where You Stand

At Merck Thailand, we used to have a vision and a mission statement where the satisfaction of employees as well as customers was explicitly mentioned. In order to know where we are standing regarding the progress of the implementation of our mission and vision, we decided to carry out every six months an Employee Satisfaction [...]

Aug 16

Reasoning on Resonance

Einstein said: „Although it is possible to describe everything in life scientifically, it would not make sense. Even more: it would be absolutely meaningless – as if one would try to describe a symphony of Beethoven as a variation of differing acoustic waves and their differing compression.”
So, what is resonance?
In the technical sense and much [...]

Aug 9

Employer Branding during Recession

Even senior managers – this is what I experience – misunderstand employer branding as a mere recruiting tool designed with the purpose of “selling” the employer to selected candidates. In this perceptive landscape the employment becomes a product sold by the company as employer. In this landscape a working contract – money for my time, [...]

Aug 2

Why Caring while Leading?

When I was returning from my summer holidays in South of France I found my seat just aside of a man around forty who was travelling with his wife and his kids. Apparently, the family was on their way home as well. I was reading the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, headline: VW takes over Porsche.
Having the [...]