May 24

Successful Business Coaching Means Selecting the Right Coach

In recent years the coaching market was growing rapidly since it became a psycho-social profession in business on its own. This new profession, the business coach, roots in both professional fields: psychotherapy and business consulting. Thus, a professional business coach has to be able to respond to questions concerning personal development as well as organizational [...]

May 10

The Importance Of An Effective Learning And Development Approach

Sadly, a few weeks ago, Dr. Hermann-Peter Weicht, a very good friend and former colleague of mine, passed away. He has had a major impact on my life, since he was a great source of inspiration for me.
Professionally, he had more impact on me than anybody else. He took a deep interest in areas like [...]

Apr 26

Career versus Family? – New Mindsets Require New Approaches for Employer Branding and Talent Management

What young talents perceive are heart attacks of their superiors when they are in their mid-fortees, not rarely with lethal ending, divorces, residential school for kids, working days with ten hours and more as daily experience, black berry availability 24 hours seven days a week, including holidays.
What for? – Money, power, prestige.
Money, power, and prestige [...]

Apr 11

Strive For Balance In Your Life

When I was recently sitting together with my ten year old son Jomar in the living room, both of us reading a book, after a moment of hesitation and consideration, I decided to do with him an exercise that I had just read about.
I asked him: “Imagine that you are 100 years old and on [...]

Mar 29

Mission and Future of Human Resource Management

What do you tell graduates full of idealism what they might expect becoming a human resource manager? And what do you tell senior HR staff full of experience and not rarely full of frustration how the future of HR looks like and what their contribution needs to be?
Both, the young and the elder, have to [...]

Mar 1

The 15 Laws Of Personal Growth

Last week, I participated in a leadership training and certification program of John C. Maxwell in West Palm Beach, Florida, U.S.A. John is an internationally highly respected leadership expert, speaker, coach and author who has sold more than 20 million books.
On his 65th birthday on February 20, 2012, he taught us the main lessons of [...]

Feb 14

The Social Media Recruiting Trap

Out of all channels we hear and in all channels we read: do social media or die. The truth is, if you do social media in order to recruit and you do it not appropriately, you might die as well: loss of image, damage to your brand, demoralization of your recruiting team, loss of money [...]

Feb 1

How To Play To Your Strengths

When I came across the January / February edition of Harvard Business Review whose focus is on the value of employee happiness, I noticed that it also contained an article written by Gretchen Spreitzer, professor of management and organizations at the University of Michigan. That reminded me of an executive education program that I had [...]

Jan 3

Happiness, The Ultimate Currency

At the beginning of the year, a lot of us are setting our personal goals. Often, these goals are centered around the topic material wealth. How much money we want to make in the upcoming year, buying a new home or purchasing a more prestigious car, going for that top job etc.
What we often overlook [...]

Nov 21

Leading In A Crisis

After having overcome successfully the impact of the global financial crisis, leaders in Thailand are now facing a different kind of crisis. Natural disaster has put one third of the country under water. Many people, not only upcountry, but also in Bangkok, currently cannot live in their homes anymore. Hundreds of factories have been shut down since weeks and for several months to come. The economic as well as the human impact of the flood will be huge.

Nov 8

What Do Successful Leaders Need to Engage People and Excel?

The answer is simple – they need:

Leadership skills and methods that support individuals, groups, and organizations to outperform
A clear picture of their own task, role and path that inspires others and creates endurance
A self reflected inner why based on personal vision and personal strengths

The way a leader thinks and behaves – expression of his identity [...]

Oct 25

What To Ask The Person In The Mirror

I recently read an excellent book by Robert S. Kaplan titled “What to ask the person in the mirror – critical questions for becoming a more effective leader and reaching your potential”. The book became immediately my favourite book on leadership. I believe it will become a leadership classic.
The book is full of actionable advice [...]