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Who Cares? About You!

Florian Suerie
Florian Suerie is a marketing manager interested to learn about the world, trying to figure out more about the masterplan that runs it all.

As you visit this website you expect to read about caring leadership. I then assume you all are in a managing position or expect to be in a management position someday soon.

So what do you expect to learn from a website about caring leadership? Maybe some guidelines how to deal with your team. Maybe some rules what an what not to do in different situations. Maybe some subtle or trivial story about what happend to another management personality to help them handle some not so trivial problems.

This all somehow implies that we – also meaning myself – visit this website from a “me as a leader” perspective. But – and that’s what I want to share some thoughts about with you today – who cares for you AS a leader. For sure there must be someone leading you. Some Top-Management personality, a managing director, a CEO, some supervisory board or – if you are all that already – some higher idea, like ethical or religious standards.

“So do the same standards of caring leadership apply for leaders leading leaders? Will the rules and guidelines work with the same effectiveness as with a team of “regular” team members?”

So do the same standards of caring leadership apply for leaders leading leaders? Will the rules and guidelines work with the same effectiveness as with a team of “regular” team members?”First of all I think “yes, of course” – leaders are basically human beings as everybody else. They should have the same needs as anybody else.

Let’s look for proof in Maslows hierachy of needs and start from the bottom.

Physiological needs? No doubt!

Safety? I assume so – safety of employment by the way is also mentioned by Maslow.

Love and belonging? You see, it’s getting harder as we wander up the hill. But still you might think, also leaders leading leaders need friendship and „job“-family. Maybe more than others, since most of them will spend much (!!!) more time with their assistants, secretaries and lets call them „sub“-leaders than they spent at home (assuming they have one). So even though it might seem lonely up there I strongly believe that one of the most important skills of a top leadership personality is making their team motivated to work them. The payback will be appreciation. Even more important: there might be people in your surrounding that look up to that skill and you as THE top executive in your company can be a rolemodel for your management team and for management-teams to come.

That brings us to esteem. A person without self-esteem or confidence can surely be no leader. And also the times that a top leader had the option not to be respectful to his management team are over – at least in my country. That does for sure not mean that there is no arrogance around top executives in Germany – but some inner feeling makes me sure that this management style has no future. Well, coming back to you readers of this care-blog: I do not expect that you are following THE CAREGUYS thinking different in this aspect anyways.

Climbing to the top: self-actualization. I never really understood what Maslow meant with it. Morality, creativity, spontaneity – all things that someone should wish for. Without them a top leader would probably not be where he is („he“ in a asexual context of course).

Well what do I really want to express (knowing by asking this question, that my point might not be overall obvious)?

We are all the same – since we are all human after all. If you show appreciation to a CEO or other top leader by telling him „I think you are doing an excellent job“ or „I look up to you for your management skills“ they will enjoy it EXACTLY the same way that you would yourself hearing this from one of your team members. But usually nobody dares to tell them to often. I wonder why…

I have the pleasure to know some top-level manager – I will show him my appreciation tomorrow…

Let me close with some words this top-executive said to me a while ago: Do not forget to use this day for something meaningful to you!

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