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Leading With Honesty And Integrity
August 28, 2010, by Heinz Landau in Editorial, Leadership

The ousting of Hewlett – Packard (= HP) Chairman and CEO Mark Hurd earlier on this month has been widely discussed in the business sections of newspapers and magazines all over the world. For those unfamiliar with the story, let me quickly recap the main points.
There was a claim of sexual harassment against Hurd by [...]

Give Copyright to Your Follower’s Work!
September 14, 2009, by Erik G. Hansen in Leadership

After too a long night at the computer, together with my former master’s student, finalizing a journal article for submission to the editorial board, my eyes began to shut at a time around 3:10 am. Few time after waking up the next morning, I find myself sitting in an ICE train towards my home town. [...]