Sep 25

Sustainability Is Top Of Mind Of Business Leaders

A huge majority of CEOs worldwide (93%) say that sustainability will be critical to their company’s future success. Despite the recent economic downturn, leaders are more comitted to sustainability than ever before. These are the headline findings of a study among nearly 1,000 CEOs, business leaders, members of civil society and academic experts making it [...]

Sep 15

The Importance of Self-Reflection

My key finding: we as society execute excellent research based leadership studies, know about excellent theoretical leadership models and communication methods and consider best practice examples of leadership we observe or hear about. Out of history and current research, basically, our societies know everything valuable about this very topic. Our whole knowledge of how to [...]

Sep 6

Loyalty Matters

Loyalty is a great strategy for employees, customers, managers and business owners. It maximizes economic and emotional value. We all know that the long-term success of any company depends upon the quality and loyalty of its people. Succesful organizations are built on relationships. It takes time to develop social bonds with our employees, our customers, [...]

Aug 17

Driving Corporate Performance by Gender Diversity

Demographic studies forecast a sensitive shortage of technical experts and managers in Europe in the next years, latest from 2015 on. The need for top talent in natural science, technology and engineering shapes the structural frame in which companies in Europe start to rethink their recruiting and development strategies for human capital. All of a [...]

Aug 5

The Consequences Of Poor Leadership for BP

The huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the biggest environmental disaster in U.S. history, lifted the veil off BP’s leadership face. It brought to light an ugly picture of irresponsibility, insincerity and non-caring leadership.
Over the years, the meaning of the abbreviation BP has changed. Originally standing for British Petroleum, the company came up [...]

Jul 6

Three Leadership Lessons To Be Learned From Germany’s Football Coach

The German football team has so far (we are at the semi final stage when I am writing this blog) clearly shown the best performance of all countries participating in the FIFA world cup in South Africa. The fast-paced style of attacking football that Germany has displayed in recent weeks can only be compared with [...]

Jun 28

Focus, Consensus, and Trust by Performance Management

These days, talking about performance management, I am wondering if the performance management system most of us know and practice is the right approach in order to foster high and excellent work outcome within the strategy channel. In many cases it comes with a management by objectives checking strategic fit and a behavioral part checking [...]

Jun 16

Strenghts-Based Performance Management

The annual or semi-annual performance review is hardly an event to look forward to. Often enough, employees are scared, sometimes they are afraid of being treated unfairly. Even as the manager, you are not looking forward to the performance management review session. The process is often over-complicated and a comprehensive form has to be filled [...]

Mar 31

Realising Strengths

“Success is achieved by developing our strengths, not by eliminating our weaknesses”, Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener stated during a recent seminar organized by ENPEO Consulting in Bangkok where he and myself were the two keynote speakers. The title of the seminar was “Positive Leadership – Impact on Organization and Business Results”. While Robert shared the latest [...]

Mar 22

Why Marketing and Culture Need to Amalgamate

Ten years ago, student a second time, I started a new professional career as management consultant. My first job was a project called “Employer Branding” at Merck Thailand in Bangkok.
Twelve years ago, McKinsey just started to talk about the “War for Talent”. I remember the article by Elisabeth Chambers, which Heinz Landau, MD of Merck [...]

Mar 16

A Mindset for Double Digit Sales Growth

In my previous company, we achieved under my leadership in 16 years 13 times profitable double digit sales growth. We were able to outperform the Thai GDP – growth year by year by a clear margin. The huge majority was organic sales growth. We achieved this during the period from 1993 -2008. This period even [...]

Feb 22

Make It Work: Employer Branding III – Be Perceived as Top Employer!

Let´s presume you have executed surveys. You now know what you are currently offering and what you should offer as top employer in the perception of your existing workforce. Let´s presume you have an action plan in your hand whose execution will close up the gap that still might keep you away from internally being [...]