Jennifer Rustige

Jennifer Rustige

Jennifer Rustige is a psychologist focused on Human Resources topics. During her studies in Münster, Germany, her main areas of interest were people development and intercultural competencies which included the development and conduction of several trainings in this field.

Being a student assistant at the professorship of Industrial- and Organizational Psychology she got involved in topics such as performance management and the conceptualization of a train-the-trainer seminar.

A former internship and student work in a consultancy in Germany gave her a lot of experiences in people selection and even lead her to far places like Hongkong. Following her desire to explore more of the world she spent another internship in the HR Department of Siemens Ltd. in Melbourne, Australia, where she conducted turnover analysis and got in touch with a lot of research concerning the topic “employer of choice”.

Currently she is working in a project for B.Grimm Group in Bangkok, supporting the Center for Group Strategy and Corporate Development by creating a semi-structured interview-tool for recruitment and coaching team members in effectively using their strengths at work.

Up Close & Personal with Jennifer Rustige

Being a leader who is genuinely interested in people and therefore not only creates a professional but also a personal relationship. Being approachable and supportive, creating an environment where your employees can flourish.

It is very hard to name a particular book. A book that recently inspired me to have a closer look at people's real passion was "The Strengths Book" by Alex Linley, Janet Willars and Robert Biswas-Diener. 

 Never be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. Most likely it will let you grow.

I don't have any particular homepage that I use frequently. Usually google is the gateway to the answers to most of my questions. As a passionate traveller google earth also is a great device!

Sources for speeches on innovative topics like TED and for documentaries like the German "zdf mediathek" are always worth a closer look.

Many people influenced me on my way and it is hard to pick only one of them to mention. Actually it started with a teacher at school who taught me to always call into question the alleged wisdoms of life that I will come across and who made me a critical thinker. After that a lot of “mentors” followed, most of them I only met shortly but they were able to show me new perspectives and ways of life, probably without even knowing.

Stay true to yourself and to what is important to you. In today’s world many people lose sight of the essentials of life. Never stop asking yourself if the life you are living is really the life you want. And if it’s not: Change it! We all are able to create our own happiness.