Jean-Francois Cousin

Jean-Francois Cousin

Jean-Francois became a Professional Executive Coach after a successful career in various global leadership roles ranging from manufacturing, marketing, business development to general management with Lafarge, the ‘world- leader in building materials’.

He works across many different organisations and industries coaching senior leaders and executives in developing their leadership, strategic planning, career orientation, work-life balance, trust and productive conflict, staff-engagement and cross-cultural management.

Jean-Francois is passionate about cross-cultural leadership and his regular clients range across 15 nationalities spanning Europe, Asia, North America and Australia.

Jean-Francois has co-authored the first book on « Coaching in Asia », the definitive guide to the principles and practices of empowering personal and organisational change in Asia.

He is writing a second book (in Thai) with 3 colleagues, entitled « Untold stories of Executive Coaching in Thailand; keys to unlock people’s potential ».

Jean-Francois' recent Clients include Unilever, Philips, Sun Microsystems, L’Oreal, Mazda, Michelin, Barclays, SC Johnson, Hermes, Carrefour, Akzo Nobel, BNP Paribas, ING, Essilor, SAP amongst others.

Up Close & Personal with Jean-Francois Cousin

To me, Caring Leadership envisions a future where all are happier together and more fulfilled, and inspires People to take meaningful steps to reach for it.

"The Five Dysfunctions of  Team". Author Patrick Lencioni tells the tale of a dis-united, conflicting executive team, and what it takes to pull it together. A rough ride to a great destination. That book is a gold-mine of inspiration for managers, I found.

Be true to yourself first.

My channel on YouTube, where I store videos which inspire me. I tirelessly play some of them again and again!

A rehearsal of the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra in the 1980's where I started to learn a few things about how to build team-work and how powerful and beautiful the results can be. That moment remained an inspiration for my leadership all along my corporate career.

"Love doesn't make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile."

(Franklin P. Jones)