Gerrit Pelzer

Gerrit Pelzer

Dr. Gerrit Pelzer is Asia’s No. 1 Transformational Coach and a leading Executive Coach in Thailand. Based in Bangkok since 2004, he serves clients all around the world. 

Gerrit helps busy managers step off the hamster wheel to unleash their full potential while maintaining a healthy balance in their personal and professional lives. As a result they jump out of bed again on Monday mornings and turn form good to great leaders who inspire others.

Gerrit is a Certified Professional Coach with the International Coach Academy and is one of only five coaches in Thailand holding prestigious credentials by the International Coach Federation.  He brings to the table over 12 years of Senior Management experience in Europe and Asia. 

In 2010 Gerrit founded Vivo Consulting Co., Ltd., a premium provider for Executive Coaching, Life Coaching, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Team Workshops, and Tilt 360 Degree Feedbacks.

Coaching is delivered in person, online, or via phone. In English or in German.

Vivo Coaching

Up Close & Personal with Gerrit Pelzer

Leadership must go beyond caring for financial targets. If you ask people what is the highest priority of a company, many will answer: "making money". This is the wrong answer. A company is not there to make money alone. A company exists for people and in order to contribute to society. Putting people at the center of an organization's activities is the key for sustainable business success. That is Caring Leadership.

I am a bookworm, and it is difficult for me to name the favorite book. Possibly the two books that had the biggest impact on my life are "Awaken the Giant Within" by Anthony Robbins and "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz.

Not to listen to other people's advice. Other people are not you. Other people do not live your life. How can they know what is best for you? You are unique and you need to find out for yourself what you need to do. That is why coaching is so much more powerful than consulting. Although speaking and writing in English has become second nature (almost), blogging would be impossible for me without this free online dictionary powered by the Technical University Munich. Thank you Leo.

The death of my colleague Andreas Ganz who died of cancer at a far too young age. I asked myself: "what would I regret not having done if I was diagnosed with cancer tomorrow?" Clearly that would be not having followed my true passion. That was the day I decided to leave the safe harbor of the corporate world and to become a professional coach.

“The world will ask you who you are,
and if you do not know,
the world will tell you.”

Carl Gustav Jung