Michael Nothdurft

Michael Nothdurft

is a Trainer, Consultant and Coach since 2009. With more  than 37 years of leadership experience in military and industry he supports companies, institutions, administrations and people in their change processes.

He is a certified trainer of the Genuine ContactTM program, a holistic approach to develop and foster  solution-focused organizations, achieving results that surpass expectations. The process within the organization when using Genuine Contact is organic so every organization brings about its own unique change from within, simultaneously enhancing skills, capacity and competency for working and thriving with change in our rapidly changing times.

He is a Business-Coach, educated based on the understanding of the leading German Coaching association, the DBVC and is active in the social environment having honorary posts.

His experiences can be summarized as following:

  • Dipl. Ing. mechanical engineering
  • 12 years of military experience
  • He held management positions in Sales & Marketing as well as in production (electronics)
  • Projectleader for many implementations of IT-systems (ERP, CRM, ...)
  • Know-ho how to engage the whole system in Change processes (open-Space, RTSC, AI, World-Café, Future Search,...
  • Holistic approach by using, among others, the principles of the Genuine Contact Program
  • Developing visions and strategic plans for all kind of organizations
  • Systemic and holistic coaching
  • Active in the global network of Genuine Contact network

He is deeply convinced, that modern leadership must be guided by a high degree of esteem, or even love for the human beeings. Leadership is service.
He is convinced, that each organization and human being carries the capability and knowledge within itself to develop personal or institutional mastery. As a leader we have the task to create an environment, that allows people to be creative and that their talents can flourish.
Diversity is one of the keys to high performance.

Up Close & Personal with Michael Nothdurft

Serving the people, by supporting their personal development. Creating results by setting and controlling targets, that have been co-defined and are accepted by the people. Leadership needs a high degree of  appreciation for people and the capabilty of deep listening and self reflexion.

"Leading with life -  How to release and use liveliness in companies" by Matthias zur Bonsen (up to now available in German language only)

Trust your inner voice and your experience

changex.de; brandeins.de; all-in-one-spirit.de,

The circumstance, that I recognized that I will not fit any more to the company, I worked for more than 15 years. I refused to be the toxic handler.

Limits only exist in our mind (and in the resources of our planet) - based on Aristotels

Watch, listen, trust and stay connected to the small kids. They will show you how beautiful life can be.